Endorsed by those who know him best

Beth, Sarah, Brandon and Brooke Steiner
Corona Firefighters Association
Corona Police Officers Association
Corona General Employees Association
Corona Supervisors Association
Corona-Norco Teachers Association
California Schools Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 369
Riverside Sheriffs' Association
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Inland Empire Business PAC- IE BizPAC
California Professional Firefighters
The Mountain View Civic Association
Karen Stein- Former Mayor, City of Corona
Jeff Miller-Former Mayor, City of Corona/CA Assemblyman
Al Lopez- Former Mayor, City of Corona
Andrea Puga- Former Mayor, City of Corona
Jeffrey P. Bennett- Former Mayor, City of Corona
Steve Nolan- Former Mayor, City of Corona
Brad Robbins- Former City Manager, City of Corona
Beth Groves- Former City Manager, City of Corona
George Guayante- Former City Manager, City of Corona
Bill Garrett- Former City Manager, City of Corona
John Tavaglione- Riverside County Supervisor 2nd District
Hon. Rod Pacheco, Riverside Co. District Attorney (ret.)
Russ Bogh- Former CA Assemblyman
David Duffy- Fire Chief, City of Corona (ret.)
John Medina- Fire Chief, City of Corona (ret.)
David Waltemeyer- Fire Chief, City Corona (ret.)
Mike Warren- Fire Chief, City of Corona (ret.)
Mike Abel- Police Chief, City of Corona (ret.)
John Cleghorn- Police Chief, City of Corona (ret.)
John Dalzell- Police Captain, City of Corona (ret.)
Tom Weeks- Police Captain, City of Corona (ret.)
Ned Ibrahim- Asst. Public Works Director, City of Corona (ret.)
Julie Fredericksen- Library Director, City of Corona (ret.)
Cathy Sciortino- Former CNUSD Trustee
Michele Wentworth- Corona Parks Commissioner
Sol Shapiro- Corona Parks Commissioner
 Mary Helen Ybarra- CNUSD Trustee
Bill Pollock- CNUSD Trustee
John Zickefoose- CNUSD Trustee
Bill Newberry- CNUSD Trustee
Joseph Tessari- Council member, City of Eastvale
Ezequiel and Denise Aguiar
German Alcala
John and Melinda Aldrian
Brian and Trisha Alexander
Tom and Karen Alexander
Guy and Kathy Allee
Ryan and Natalie Allee
David and Linda Allen
Rob Almanza
Mario J. Alvarez Jr.
Kathy Andrews
Charles and Kylie Apodaca
Tony and Shannon Arellano
Matthew Armitt
Eric and Becci Ault
Xente and Claudia Baker
Brent and Jackie Balic
David and Sylvia Barnett
Frank and Diane Barron
Lisa Bartram
Matt and Kelley Bates
Ryan and Lucy Beck
Chris and Traci Becker
Julie Bennet-Wong
Mike and Christeen Betz
Marcus and Tracy Billington
Ron and Kim Bingham
Saad Bishara- Frozen D’light- 2771 Green River Rd. Ste 101
Daniel and Kim Black
Ben and De Blair
Travis and Vee Boen
David and Rebecca Bognacki
Richard Boltinghouse
Donald and Karen Bowley
Bob and Annie Bradberry
Trisha Bradshaw
David Brambila
Barbara Brandt
Dennis J. Brandt
Marlene Brent- Prima Dance Studios
Rick Brent- Affinity Cruise Travel
Raymond and Stacey Briceno
Sabrina Briceno
John and Dottie Brown
Madalynne Brunet
Bob and Brenda Bryans
Jason and Teresa Buelna
Gary and Laura Butera
Kevin and Beth Button
Scotty and Crystal Carlisle
Chris and Melanie Carlson
Laurel and Ruth Carlson
Ed and Yolanda Carrillo
Karina Carter
Lyle and Jill Castillo
Rick and Kelly Cheatham
Michele Chiales
Dana Clark
Al and Betty Coco
Sal and Tula Coco
Mary Conklin- past Chairman of the Corona Chamber of Commerce
Thomas Conklin
Julie Cooley
Ken and Mary Katherine Coovert
Virginia Coriddi
Amador Corona
Ben and Jen Corral
Don and Tanya Coulter
Ryan and Presh Cox
Phil and Melissa Cruz
Trisha Davidson
John and Emily Davis
Ralph and Marlene Davis
Tony Deddario
Tim Denges
Tom and Tyra Denson
Justin and Angela Detmer
Bryan Deyo
Chris Uzo-Diribe
John and Cathy Donaldson
Gerri Dorman
Jim and Linda Dorsey
Connor and Sherry Drake
Danny and Lori Drake
Bob Dressler
George and Suzette Du Plessis
Paula Dubrovich
Connie Duffy
Chad and Kristen Easter
Steve and Stephanie Eddy
Darin and Tracie Edmonds
Greg Edwards- Robertson's Ready Mix
Dale and Karen Eggleston
John and Melissa Ellyson
Leonard and Karen Enlow
Jason and Noelle Escalara
Eric and Whitney Estes
Mark and Michelle Estes
Mike and Christine Ewart
Dan and Natalie Fagan
John Farr
Chuck and Jessica Fedak
Steve and Kim Felix
Dan and Kelly Felton
Peter and Melody Fischetti
Leroy and Sylvia Fleming
Travis and Nicole Flicker
Matt and Carrie Floyd
Ej and Debbie Fogel
Ronald and Sandra Forno
John and Susan Fox
Doug Fredericksen
Ernest and Linda Galindo-Lefferman
Rich and Vicki Gauger
Bob and Charlene German
Terri Gibson
Alex and Lan Giffin
Lenny and Donna Gisbert
Brad Given
Ann Glickman
Dave, Valerie and Brianna Goad
Matt and Lydia Gomez
Jose and Becky Gonzalez
David Goodwin
Scott and Janet Goodwin
Christy Grooman
Corky and Vicky Grooman
Ryan and Stephanie Grooman
Becky Gunnoe
Ellen Guayante
Greg and Jacqueline Hackney
Mowbray and Mavis Hagan
Jared and Cherie Hale
Mike and Lori Halzle
Bob and Peggy Hamblin
RJ and Sheri Hamblin
Rob and Kelly Hanes
Jim and Danielle Hardaker
Sean and Lisa Harmon
Woody Harpole
Ruth Heineman
Jeana Helton
James and Laurie Hendron
Mitch and Connie Henyan
Ingrid Hepler
Clark and Kym Herman
Art and Olga Hernandez
Kristine Hernandez
Ralph and Nancy Hernandez
Richard and Rachel Hernandez
Jan Hessler
Mike and Kimberly Hickey
Dave and Judy Hiligenthol
Neil and Jennifer Hitchman
Jeff and Donna Holden
Mike and Dunia Holleman
Walt Hollis - Hollis and Hollis Insurance Brokers
Maria Holly
Bill and Rohda Homaidan- Green River Mediterranean Cuisine
Frank and Sandy Hornung
Devina Horvath- Print and Page Booksellers
Dan and Loretta Hosfield
Fred and Janiz Hovenier
Timothy and Joni Howard
John Hudson
Guillermo and Maria Huertas- Allstate Ins. Company 4300 Green River Rd. Ste 104
Rob and Shannon Ibbetson
Christian Ibscher
Norberto and Astrid Ibscher
Greg and Vicky Irvine
Tom and Cathi Irwin
Lucius Jackson
Terry and Terri Jaggers
Lee Jerde
Andreas and Tamara Johansson
Greg and Judy Johnson
Bob and Misty Jolly
Joe and Jayne Jordan
John Kane
Joseph and Silvana Karim
Shane Kelley
Daniel and Arielle Khalili
Yousef Khoubir and Karolin Alkhas- Choco Bakery and Cafe- 4300 Green River Rd. Ste 103
Amie Kinne
Mark and Sharon Kipley
Steve and Sandy Klein
Dale and Robin Kopchynski
Kirt and Amy Kriska
Tristan and Amber Kuikahi
Mike and Annette LaCilento
Ryan Landrum
Ed and Jean Lange
Michael and Sarah Leckliter
Mike and Tara Liebel
Justin and Kim Ligtenberg
Bob Livingston
Diedre Locati
Karen Long
Jeff and Lisa Lopez
William and Teresa Luhrsen
Ray and Debbie Lusk
Matthew Luy
Gabrielle Mackay
Terry and Jacqueline Madory
Tanya Mafori
Joyce Malle
Bob and Carol Markoski
David and Kristie Martin
Richard Martinez
Robert Martineau
Ken and Patti Martinez
Dave and Pam Matias
Gail Matthews Ostrander
Kevin and Jill Mayhew
Marlene McCarthy
Terry McCarthy
Kelly McDonald
Bill McDonald
Shawn and Sandy McGinnis
Rosemary McMackin
Jeff McNey
Mike and Kat Meezan
Art Mejia
Saul Mejia
John and Lisa Mendoza
Mike and Eleanor Mercado
Ryan and Jami Merchant
Joseph Merola
Lawrence Mikesell
Debora Miller
Jesse and Lisa Mobley
Lorrin and Dianna Montag
Ron Moore
Jason and Stacy Moquin
David Moreno
Guy and Priscilla Morrison
Mauricio and Denice Munder
Tomas and Paula Munoz
Keith and Stacey Myers
Doug and Sandy Nafzgar
Scott and Erika Nance
Troy and Robbi Nelson
Ross and Connie Newhan
Stephanie Nguyen- Xpresso Urban Cafe
Laura Nielsen
Ray Nieto
Joyce Nohavec
Darren and Mai Nugent
Donna O'Reilly
Matt Olsen
Conrad and Jill Padilla
Brett and Michelle Panceroff
Fred and Vicki Parr
Glen and Denise Payne
Joe and Laura Pendergast
Robby and Jen Peterson
Dr. Anthony Pirritano
Mike Pisani
Steven and Darla Pokorski
Sue Poole
Mike and Michelle Porter
Tigger Porter
Jared Potts
Nick and Linda Powers
Wayne and Tammy Quint
Kevin and Jessica Quint
Alicia Quintero
Jonniece Quintero
Mitch and Denise Ramos
Mike and Lorie Ramsey
Denise Raulli
Randy and Susie Rawson
Eric and Kathleen Ray
Frank and Winter Re
Alan and Lisa Redderson
Don and Lynda Remp
Jess and Leisa Remp
Ryan and Melissa Remp
Greg and Chrystee Reyes
Patty Reyes
Trish Reyes
Tim and Linda Richards- Sierra Del Oro Little Free Library
Christopher D. Richichi-Gallo
Tom Richins
Susan Richins
Don and Sherry Ries
David and Susi Riha
Dennis and Crystal Robbins
Lori Robbins
Marcy and Mason Rodriguez
Sheila Romanski- Crystal Roses
Todd Rubenack
Chris and Terrie Rubio
Paul and Natalie Ruiz
Ray Russell
Joel Sabas
Stephanie Salas- Main Street Deli
Ivan Sanchez
Salvador Sanchez
Jim Schlosser- President, Corona Police Community Partnership
Stefanie Schlosser
Cindi Schmitz
David and Cynthia Schneider
Carole Schriver
John and Lori Schrup
Matt and Sheri Schwab
Josh Serrano
Elinor L. Sethman
Tariq and Joane Shamma
Tom and MaryAnn Sherman
Dave and Denise Shoemaker
Curtiss and Adrianna Showalter
Al and Bev Siddons
Jonatan and Elizabeth Siemsen
Lucy Silva- Food Runners
Vivianne Silva
Dwayne and DeeAnn Slife
Jeremy and Cari Smith
Ron and Kelly Smith
Larry, Veronica and Briana Smitherman
Jeremiah Soifer
Jeremy and Nickie Solis
Lynn Sparks
Bill Stein
Jenn Stein
William G. Steiner
Warren, Terry and Devin Stockwell
Kevin and Darci Stofila
John and Margaret Straser
Cynthia Stukey
Christine Sullivan
Fred Szabo
J.D. and Whitney Tawney
Bri Taylor
Jeanette Thompson
Robert and Bethany Thompson
Chuck and Joyce Tierney
Jeff Tipton
Andy and Neomi Torres
George and Kris Torres
Jack and Shelly Torres
Jeremy and Katie Towers
Liz Urrea
Armondo, Denise and Evan Valdez
Vince Valdivia
Jackie Vandagriff
Roy and Melissa Vanderkallen
Steve and Lynda Vansant
Raul Vasquez
Agustin and Jessica Velazquez
Jeremy and Stephanie Verderber
Natasha Vickers
Andrew and Pearl Villagomez
Eric Vincent
Maurice and Miriam Walker
Jan Warren
Mike Waters
Steve and Lisa Wells
Bob West
Mike and Sarah Wheaton
Michael and Veronica Wheeler
Robert and Lori Wiedensohler
Trevor and Monica Wilding
Steve and Shelly Wilford
Greg and Megan Wilkerson
Chris and Doris Wilkeson
Phil and Nancy Wilkeson
Roger and Kimberly Williams
Brandon and Amber Willson
Brent and Jennae Wilsey
Tom and Kathy Wilson
Stan Wong
Steve and Patty Wood
Matt Woody
Leandra Wright
David Wright
Jim and Beth Yancu
Ted and Cyndi Yancu
Frank Yezzo
Matt and Barbara Yunker
Frank Zellers

***Partial List***