Policy Positions


Protecting Our Quality of Life

My wife Beth and I have lived in Corona for 30 years and have raised three children in this community. I have seen the unprecedented growth of Corona and its impact on our quality of life. I will set priorities to identify immediate problems and solutions, as well as support long range strategic planning to prepare for the future. Along the way, I will not forget my commitment to our youth and seniors. I pledge to serve the community, not special interests. I am not a professional politician, just a citizen who cares about my hometown. I am fair and will listen to all viewpoints. If I don’t have an answer I will do my homework and make my best effort to be responsive. I value teamwork to solve complex problems.

Development that Makes Sense

I believe Corona cannot grow faster than its ability to maintain its infrastructure. Poorly planned development penalizes all the residents. My common-sense approach is simple: If it’s going to be developed, let’s be sure we can live with it. It’s all about responsible and carefully managed growth. I also support the small businesses that have been the backbone of our community, and I will back policies that will shape our future for economic revitalization and a healthy business climate to increase the tax base and create jobs.    

Addressing Traffic Problems

Most residents agree that traffic congestion is one of Corona’s top priorities. I believe that piecemeal traffic planning and funding has short-changed our city. I will work to develop comprehensive, common-sense solutions involving easier freeway access and improving the safety and traffic flow in the most congested areas. Doing nothing is not an option.

Cost Effective City Government and Fiscal Accountability

I will safeguard your tax dollars by making sure that independent performance auditing, fiscal planning, and cost control procedures that identify waste are part of our management culture rather than a "business as usual" approach. A balanced budget that has community-wide input provides credibility if it reflects your priorities for spending and decision-making. Like most cities in California, Corona must confront pension liabilities by addressing both short-term and long-term budgetary impacts with transparency and balancing priorities.

Dedicated to a Safe Community

Strong public safety is the fabric that holds a community together. Our police and fire departments deserve our appreciation and support. As a retired Corona fire captain, my career has been dedicated to protecting Corona’s property and citizens. I’m honored to have the support of people who have seen my service to the community first hand over the past three decades. Being named Firefighter of the Year twice and Citizen of the Year by the Corona Chamber of Commerce in 2014 were some of the highlights of my professional career.

Dealing with Homelessness

One of society's most significant challenges is addressing homelessness. I believe that some of our most vulnerable citizens- families and children, veterans, seniors, and the disabled need shelter, affordable housing and support from both the city, nonprofits and the faith-based community. Others who battle addiction, mental illness, or who prefer to live on the fringes of society, present more challenging problems. I understand that homelessness is a regional issue that requires collaboration with other cities and the County of Riverside. I will provide leadership to develop solutions in order to avoid "Third World" encampments in our neighborhoods.