I came to know Jim Steiner through the unfortunate circumstances of my husband's death in July 2017. My husband, Dave Stukey, was a Captain with the City of Corona Fire Department prior to his retirement in 1986. While Jim did not know me, he was immediately willing to be there for me, helping me to make arrangements for my husband's services, arranging for a Fire Department Honor Guard to be at the service and later helping me with the necessary paperwork with the City. I was completely lost, his kindness and guidance helped me through a very difficult time. It was obvious to me that Jim is not only compassionate to those in need, he has a proven history and will represent the City well with first hand knowledge developed through his years of leadership. He is someone who obviously cares a great deal about his community.

- Cynthia Stukey

I have been with the Corona Fire Department for 11 years. My very first assignment was at station 3, where Jim Steiner was the captain on the truck. From that first day on shift until the day he retired, he made sure that I, and every other brother and sister in the Corona Fire Department, knew that our number one responsibility was to the citizens we serve. Jim has instilled in each of us an attitude of compassion, dedication, and commitment to the citizens of Corona, beyond just our roles as emergency responders. He taught us the importance of making connections and serving the community, even when off-duty. Anytime we wanted to hold a fundraiser to help a family raise money for medical expenses, help care for a family’s house while they were at the hospital for their child, or simply having a fire engine show up to make a terminally-ill child smile, Jim would be the first to be there. The Corona Fire Department and the Corona Firefighters Association have been honored to call Jim a brother, and we are all better for the selfless contributions Jim has made to those around him. I have no doubt that this life-long practice of selflessness will carry forward as a Councilmember for the city of Corona.

But don't take my word for it - here is a great article about Jim that will tell you the same thing about Jim's commitment to the people.

- Michael Leckliter

Our family's friendship with Jim started through our mutual love of a fellow  Corona resident, Victoria Smitherman. Jim and our oldest son Nolan developed a very special bond, and in the midst of a very difficult time, our son found a real-life hero. Jim goes out of his way to make connections, to really get to know people, and to offer support for what is important to them. Jim supports our community in so many ways. From quietly attending local sporting events, to attending fundraisers for various non-profits- Jim is always lending his support. If asked to sum up Jim in one word, we would say without hesitation - Genuine. A genuine leader, a genuine role-model, and a genuine human. He is exactly what our city and our world needs more of, and we are grateful that he is choosing to coninue to serve our community.

-The Torres Family

I have gotten to know Jim over the last several years and can attest to the fact he is incredibly insightful, knowlegable, compassionate, hard working and a proven, dedicated leader who is fully engaged in the community. Our city NEEDS someone like him to help navigate the way through the quagmire of issues our city faces. I'm thrilled he's running for City Council!

-Connie Henyan

Couldn't ask for a better man for Corona. Jim is a true leader, very personable and listens to what others need. I have known Jim for many years and the compassion he has for our Community is Amazing!!!

-Jeana Helton

I have known Jim Steiner for 15 years, both professionally and personally, he is one of the finest human beings I have ever met. He will be a great addition to the Corona City Council. His compassion for anyone in need and his common sense approach to problem solving are second to none. He has my endorsement and complete trust to do the best for the City of Corona. These skills are desperately needed in our City and in our Country.

-Scott Goodwin

My husband and I stand behind Jim Steiner 100%! We truly believe in what Jim stands for and know that he will make a huge, positive impact in our community!

-Kelly Smith

Citizens of Corona, I am writing this letter of endorsement for Jim Steiner. He is running for Corona City Council, District #4. Our family moved to Corona in the early 60's and grew up there, with a population change from 20k to over 160k. We have seen a lot of change throughout the years. Jim and I worked together on the Corona Fire Department for over 23 years and both of us retired with 30 years plus of service. Jim's first assignment was with me at station #2, in the mid 80's off Main/Harrison. From day one I knew this 21 year old kid was pretty special. His work ethic, dedication, and compassion was extraordinary! Jim was our association President for over 15 years. During such time I was able to see first hand what a true leader and inspiration he was to our members, both on and off duty; but most of all to the Citizens of Corona! I know Corona is facing some difficult and challenging issues coming up. Fiscal responsibility, traffic, development, homelessness etc. With your input and his leadership, I believe Jim is just the person you need on the Corona City Council to get the job done!!

-Jeff Holden

I worked with Jim for years both at the fire station and on the association board. I've found that Jim has always worked hard to do the right thing. Jim, over the years has developed into a great leader and a huge supporter of the community. I believe Jim will be an outstanding advocate for the community as a member of the city council. The citizens of Corona would be well served by electing Jim to the City Council.

-Ray Lusk

We are so happy to know that our dear friend Jim Steiner is running for city council in our community. Jim has a long long list of outstanding works and good deeds in our city of Corona and we have no doubt that our city will absolutely benefit having him as a member of the city council. We are blessed to call him friend and Tio Jaime for our beloved Victoria.

-The Smitherman Family

I can’t think of anyone more qualified to bring real change to our city. Corona is lucky to have Jim Steiner in their corner!

-Cherie Hale

I first met Jim 6 years ago at the very first lemonade & bake sale fundraiser our family and friends held for the Smitherman family. I have witnessed his compassion and dedication as a leader both professionally and personally. Jim dedicated over 30 years of his life to our city with his service to the Corona Fire Department. During that time, he made personal connections with citizens in our community, often times with families and children experiencing life threatening illnesses. I am blessed to call him a friend and can’t think of anyone I’d be prouder to support as a candidate for Corona City Council. 

-Jill Castillo

When you hear the passion someone has for helping people, it is one of the greatest things I can hear come out of someone’s mouth. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to Jim Steiner and hear him talk about helping the people in Corona, especially the ones that live in his district. He is one of us, just a normal guy. You sense no political agenda when speaking to him, just his passion to help. So when it comes to electing someone for City Council, I think he is worth the Vote! Bring it Jim.

-Ray Nieto

Jim, although you are not in our district, my family members and I fully support you because we know you will represent our city well. I’ve known you for more than 8 years now, and I've witnessed the love you have for our city, and our city’s residents. You have touched the lives of so many- young and old, women and children, and your fellow firefighters. I know the love and respect you have for Corona is genuine. You are the best candidate for your district, and they are lucky to have you. I know that district or not, you will look out for what is best for Corona, for our community, and for all of Corona’s residents. You understand the needs of our community and I know that you are the right man to represent us as part of our city council and make Corona a better community for all who live here.

-Lucy Silva, Founder of Food Runners Club

I worked with Jim for 12 years. He was a skilled negotiator, tough but always fair. He has the experience as a leader and has demonstrated his commitment to the community over the last 30 years. Jim is exactly what the residents need on the city council. 

-Jeffrey P. Bennett, Former Mayor - City of Corona

On a day in December 2008, a huge Corona Fire Ladder Truck pulled up in front of our house not because there was a fire but because the firefighters on it were there to meet my daughter Lindsey who had just been diagnosed with Leukemia on October 29, 2008. Little did we know that these men would become part of our family and that Captain Jim Steiner willingly would join us on the nightmare journey we had just been placed in. Jim was there every step of the way with us whether it was helping with donations, fundraisers, staying at the hospital when Lindsey needed someone with her and we had an event to go to, being there for a shoulder to cry on, and even becoming the hero in Lindsey’s little sister Sophia’s eyes and heart. Fast forward to 2010 and Jim was still by our sides along with his wife Beth and children Sarah, Brandon, and Brooke. Visits to the hospital were made while Lindsey was in there for over four months. We appreciated it more than words can express. Not only did we have Jim join our family but Jim let us join his family and his firefighter family. Jim has a huge heart and he has loved us unconditionally for the past ten years. To give back to him we are supporting him 100% in his run for District 4’s City Council campaign. We believe after all these years that he is the perfect man for the job and will do great things. We feel this way because this man has never walked away from us even when the road got rough. Jim has supported not only Lindsey and Sophia but me as I complete my education and further my career. Some have stated that Jim has only recently become benevolent but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jim has proven his self by giving time and time again. Not only supporting my family but countless other families as well. So many of us have been blessed by Jim’s friendship and support for so many years and he still continues to help even though he is retired. Our lives were ever changed on October 29th, 2008 for worse but our lives were forever changed for good when Jim Steiner came in to our lives.

-Maria Holly

I met Jim Steiner over 20 years ago when I walked into a Corona fire station with my young autistic Son Mathew Riha who wanted to visit.  That day would change Mathew’s life forever.

Mathew was non-verbal, shy, and struggled with EVERYTHING, but that did not phase Jim Steiner.  Jim took Matthew under his wing, and took his time with Matthew, and He welcomed Matthew into all the fire stations.  Both Jim, and Matthew would walk around the firehouse talking about everything, and allowed Mathew to sit in the fire trucks, and play a game Jim, and Mathew called “What’s in the fire truck?”   This game included looking into the different compartments of the fire truck, trying to guess what was inside, and 90% of the time, Matthew was right which made Matthew real excited, and happy.

Shortly after, Jim got the other fire fighters involved with this game as well, this game slowly, but surely helped Matthew to communicate better, it helped him learn new words, and most importantly it helped Matthew socialize with others.  Matthew is now 27 years of age, and he has a hard time keeping quiet, and interrupts people so he can engage in the conversation as well!  THANKS JIM!

It’s been over 20 years, and I admire the bond both Jim, and my Son Matthew still share, it has never wavered, and that means the world to me.

I trust Jim Steiner with the most IMPORTANT person in my life, and that’s my Son Matthew.  I trust Jim Steiner to do His best for our city, for our community, for our District 4 that we call our HOME.  I know that he will put DISTRICT 4 first, and his efforts will not waiver to make our City of Corona better than it is now. 

I love our City of Corona, because I have met, and become friends with some great people, Jim Steiner is one of those great people without a doubt!  He loves this city, and he has proven it by serving the City of Corona for 30 years.

Thank you Jim, for all your Love & Support, It’s time for us to give it back to YOU!

 -Susi Riha